GRC Board News

Posted April 04, 2019 on 09:00 AM


GRC board is a cement board building material, made from a cement mixture that contains fiber so it produces a very strong cement board.

Besides being strong and durable, our cement board also has other advantages:

  1. - 100% non asbestos

  2. - Water resistance and humidity

  3. - Fire resistant

  4. - Termite resistant

  5. - Fungus resistant

  6. - Easy to nail

  7. - Soundproof

With the above advantage, our cement board is a superior alternative product to replace plywood and gypsum which has many disadvantages.

The installation of GRC cement board is very practical and efficient. Can be used as ceiling, partition, wall, floor and as a decoration to beautify indoor and outdoor occupancy.

GRC cement board is available in various sizes and thicknesses for your use and needs. Specifically for decoration product. In addition to our existing patterns, we also do custom made as consumer request.

The most important thing is the content of GRC cement board is made of 100% non asbestos ingredients and is safe for our health and environment.

Our latest breakthrough is that the GRC board has received a certificate of SNI 8299 as a non asbestos cement board. We are proud that GRC board is being recognized as product that prioritize and pay attention to consumers health.