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Posted on July 29, 2020 on 02:50 PM

The Application of Mezzanine

The limited area of occupancy sometimes can become an obstacle for homeowners to realize their dream house. With a tight house, homeowners must figure out on how to design a comfortable place to live. However, with the right design, small residences can seem spacious and remain aesthetic.

The concept of mezzanine one is suitable for you who have a narrow living room that is not proportional to the number of guests you often invite to the house. By applying the concept of a mezzanine house, you can add furniture and additional space for guests so that they will not sit or cram together. You can fill the mezzanine floor with an extra sofa or chair, bookshelves, TV, lights or something else.

Not only for additional space, mezzanine design can also be applied as a place for the main bedroom. The addition of mezzanine floors to the main bedroom is also not difficult to do. Adding a bed and a cupboard is also enough to make it functional. The minimalist design with a touch of white can also help the house to remain impressed with space or not cramped.

GRC Superfloor is one of the GRC board products that can be applied to the floor with recessed on both sides and smooth surfaces. Has a thickness of 15 and 20 mm so it is strong and safe to use on the floor, especially for mezzanine applications.