Wood Panel Decoration

Posted on 5/24/2019 8:31:00 AM

Wood panel decoration is perfect for those of you who want to combine modern and classic impressions in the room. Wooden panels and wooden storage shelves give a classic impression and look very fit with a combination of other modern furniture in the home such as multimedia devices and modern contrasting sofas. Each type of wood has characteristics such as different textures and colors.

The decoration of wood panels has several disadvantages, which are not waterproof, termite resistant, and not fire resistant. For this reason, GRC board innovates by releasing products / variants for alternatives to wood panel decorations with all the advantages possessed by the GRC board. besides being able to be customized as desired, adding to the aesthetics of beauty and also has the advantages of being waterproof, fire resistant and termite resistant.

Among GRC board products that have wood-like texture and surface, namely:

  1. GRC Timberplank texture and surface already looks like wood, just finishing paint that matches the wood color only to get the impression like a wooden board. GRC Timberplank can be applied as a list plank as well as a wall coating. Click product details

  2. GRC Mahoni plank which also functions as a list plank but with a mahogany style gives the impression of a wooden board but with the strength of a cement board.

  3. GRC Superplank which is given brown wood paint and plitur coating so that it looks like a smooth and shiny wood surface, can be applied as a floor. Click product details

  4. GRC Mahogany deck with a smooth mahogany-like surface suitable to be applied as a floor.

  5. GRC Decopanel, a cement board that serves to add to the beauty of this building because it has a motif that can be customized as desired, it is very suitable to be applied for interior or exterior, in addition to weather resistance as well as termites and fungi. Click product details