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Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra Company is the pioneer company that produces cement board in Indonesia which then patented its product under the trademark of GRC Board. Bangun Perkasa Adhitama Sentra and Group have a vision to be one of the top 150 biggest companies in Indonesia and to be the biggest cement board producer in Indonesia that dominates all markets in every province.

To achieve this vision, Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra and Group have the following mission:

  1. To have a better management system
  2. To increase customer's satisfaction
  3. To increase profitability
  4. To increase creativity and be responsive to changes
  5. To increase the use of human resources

As a company that keeps moving forward, GRC Board has a sufficient infrastructure to support its production activities. At the end of the year 2012, GRC Board had employed 2000 personnel. We are committed to serve our customers at our maximal capability.

GRC Board has two plants located at the district of Citeureup, Bogor, West Java, and at the district of Karawang, West Java. Citeureup plant was established in December 1992 on a 2,4 hectare area. As the market grew, Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra expanded the production area to 9 hectare. To increase its production capacity, Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra built their second plant in Karawang, West Java on a 28 hectare area.

GRC Board strives to follow the economic development as well as the market dynamic. We also take efforts to increase the quality of our human resources by creating quality control trainings. These trainings are held once every three months aiming to create skilled, reliable, high-quality workers. GRC Board also cares for the safety and the health of the employees.

GRC Board has high speed and precision machines to produce GRC Board products that operate 24 hours to meet the increasing demand from the market. This is our commitment to meet the market demand on time.

GRC Board also has a product testing laboratory. All products are tested in this laboratory to ensure their good quality.

GRC Board is a new innovation for construction need that has various application functions such as:

  • For various ceiling material
  • Suitable as partition material
  • Strong as cladding or outer building wall
  • Practical to use as cover column material
  • Durable and easy to maintain plank material
  • Durable roof base
  • Multi-function flooring material

Our products have proven to be the best and most economical material for building construction, both vertically and horizontally.

Variety of Products

The increasing market demand for GRC product, we would like to give our customers various choices in the market

  • GRC Board : Fiber Cement Board for interior application, ceiling, partition, and also backing spandrel
  • Superpanel : It has higher density and more suitable for exterior application, such as : cladding/façade, mezzanine floor, stair, and cover column
  • Superplank : GRC Board plank product for replacing the wood application of plank, The product is resistant to weather, fungus, and termites. It has bevel/profile on its edges. It can also be used as skirting or floor baseboard
  • Simple Plank: Plank product which is more economical as it is of less thickness and it is square edge ( doesn’t have profile on its edges)
  • Timber Plank : GRC Board plank that resemble wood pattern. It is easy to be painted and polished which has a wood finished.
  • Deco Plank : GRC Board plank product which give more edge to the design.
  • Deco Panel : Decorative Panel which is give more artistic look to the room
  • Deco Stone : GRC board product that is use to replace natural stone.
  • GRC Board has the following Characteristics:

    • No Asbestos content
    • Strong and resistant to impact
    • Resistant to water and humidity
    • Resistant to fire: GRC Board has undergone fire-resistant testing and the results were acknowledged by national and international standard.
    • Resistant to fungi
    • Resistant to termites
    • Soundproof: Has received certification from Puslitbangkim-LIPI (Research and Development Centre for Calibration, Instruments, and Metrology)
    • Has received certification from Puslitbangkim-LIPI (Research and Development Centre for Calibration, Instruments, and Metrology).
    • Smooth surface and easy to use

    Marketing & Distributions:
    Availability of products must be maintained at all time to make sure that customers can easily buy the product and so we have retailers all over the country to sell our products. We have also exported our product to Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia & UAE.

    GRC Board has been in market for over than 20 years, providing the best solution for people in creating safe and comfortable housings.

    We also provide GRC Help teams who are always ready to answer any inquiries from the customers, including: technical questions, worker training, site supervision, and problem assistance.

    GRC Board website can be accessed by everyone. In addition, customers can get information regarding the varieties of economic GRC Board products through EFO (Electronic Factory Outlet) which is part of the website. We also provide Online Short Text Service (SMS) for customers to communicate directly.

    Throughout its development, GRC Board always strives to maintain the quality of its products, and finally received ISO certificate year 2000, 2003, 2009 and 2015.

    GRC Board continues to deliver satisfaction and comforts for its customers. And we will keep on working to follow the development growth by expanding our network to all the provinces in Indonesia, as well as to foreign countries.

    GRC Board continues to grow and progress following the development. For more than twenty years, GRC Board has served the community from time to time, from cities to villages, from Indonesia to foreign countries.

    Owner Testimonies Always strives to give the best.

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