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Building a House on a Friable Land

Building a House on a Friable Land

Building a house in a rice field can be done. Just know how to get it right. The strategy of constructing buildings in this type of loose soil is different from the others. So tips and procedures for building a house on a former wet land should also be well studied. Wet paddy or dry fields become an option due to the increasingly narrow land of housing, especially in urban areas.

The most appropriate location for building a house is a land area with a hard and dry nature, so that the foundations that have been built can be sturdy and not easily shifted. But sometimes you can location as unfavorable as a dwelling. Like loose soil and soft. Like the former land of rice fields or swamps.

This loose soil can cause the foundation of the house is not strong enough to withstand the burden, so it is easy to shift or even enter into making a hole. If indeed this happens, it will lead to some adverse effects, one of which is a wall that easily breaks. Even the floor of your house also come burst in. And worse yet, the building may be tilted or collapsed at any time.

In addition to loss, these events can also greatly endanger the safety of its inhabitants. But, you do not need to worry anymore about it, because this time we will share tips or procedures to build a house in a loose paddy field so avoid the possibility of bad.

Procedures for Building a House on Rice Fields


    Because each land has its own goals, then you have to make sure that these fields can be built. How to find info and or directly ask for permission of local government. From there will be caught, whether or not there you change the rice field so the land to build a house. See taking care of permits to convert wetlands to dry land here.


    To build a house in paddy fields, the way that can be taken is to measure the depth of loose soil. If it is not so deep, then the soil can be dredged or taken. If so, the soil can be recovered by using other soils that have harder properties.


    To do this you can work traditionally using a hoe tool. Or it could be in a modern way. The term urug is also often used. So how to put better rice field with sand or solid soil. It looks more expensive, but the result juah better than the soil or rock chalk soil. Grounding the ground with heavy equipment will be fast and the results are better. Although the price is more expensive.However for long-term investment should use heavy equipment. In addition to leveling the soil, the machine is also used to compress so that the ground surface will be sturdy and not easily shifted or landslides occur.


    What is this ? what needs to fry the soil? Not really, ripening the ground here means making the ground in such a way that he is ready to wake up. When it is finished leveling and condensing the soil, the house can not be built just like that. But it still has to wait for several months so the ground is really hard. Because generally though it has been flattened and also compacted by using the machine, but the ground still can move or melesak into.

One example of mature soil is the presence of plants that grow well, if the rain does not erode ground water. And if it is dry season the soil is not cracked or hollow. You can also test with piercing sharp and long objects. Such as crowbar, put to the ground wear hand. What is easy to enter, if it is easy, and still watering the possibility of solid ground yet.

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GRC loyalty programs for architect

A program that appreciates architects who is giving recommendations GRC Board to the client as the best products.

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Identifying the Danger of Asbestos

Hotels and tourism objects provide to you the luxury and satisfaction. But, you will claim that your own house is the most comfortable place in the world. Being tired after running daily activity would be paid back, when you are in home and seeing your family. It is because your house is not only a material asset, it means a lot for you psychologically.

But, have you ever realized the air pollutant in the house which is dangerous for inhalation could be the asbestosis disease. One of the air pollutants, which are found in the house, is asbestos. It is usually found in old buildings.

Recognizing Asbestos

Some of you may remember about traditional game named ‘engklek’, the game requires the players to jump by only one foot, to the square boxes which is drawn on the pathway. We have to throw a piece of cling to the square first. Sometimes the children, who play this game, replace the piece of cling by roof which is made from asbes.

Asbestos is an international terminology, in Indonesia it is called ‘asbes’ or it is usually called minerals that is separated into flexible fiber. The particle of the fiber releases in to the air that could not be seen by bare eyes. This fiber is very light and soft; it could be easily flying on the air and inhaled by people in the house.

The Revolution of Industry leaded the explosion market of asbestos until 1970’s. And then in 1989, Environmental Protection Agency issued about the prohibition of asbestos. In 1990’s USA, EU, Japan issued the prohibition for producing and applying all materials which is contained of asbes. They discovered that some diseases were caused by asbes, such as: cancer, lungs, etc.

Asbestos Products on the House

In Indonesia, initially asbestos was introduced in 1959, and increasing the production capacity in 2000. Nowadays, Indonesia is one of the top ten biggest countries who is using asbestos as raw material.

On the house application, asbestos is usually applied as building material, such as: roof application, floor application, thermal insulation, acoustic ceiling, and cement sheet. People who know about the danger of asbestos usually do not apply asbestos on their house. Unfortunately, we still could see many buildings which are built using asbestos as material especially old buildings.

The Risk of Asbestos

The asbestos that is applied on your house are not always dangerous for your health. As long as the building material that contains of asbestos is in good condition, it would be safe. The asbestos would be dangerous if it is broken or damaged, because the crack would release microscopic fiber. This microscopic fiber would be hazardous, when it is inhaled and left on the lung. It causes some of diseases, such as: respiratory disease, lung cancer, throat cancer, asbestosis (fibrosis that harm the lung), and mesothelomia (cancer on the respiratory tract).

Base on WHO (World Health Organization), about one hundred fifty millions people in the world are infected by asbestos and suffering lung disease, ninety thousands of them would die. It means, one people die per five minutes, caused by asbestos.

The problem of asbestos is not only concerned on people who live in the house which is built by asbestos material, it would be a general problem, for workers who work in the factory that produces asbestos, and also the waste of factory. The waste from factory that produces asbestos contaminates the river and sea, and also fish which would be consumed by human. Eventually, asbestos is a dangerous material for human and environment.

How to Manage the Asbestos

The first step to manage the asbestos that is applied on your house is identifying the whole building material in your house that contains of asbestos. The safe mode to handle the asbestos is covering or polishing the material, to prevent the microscopic fiber released on the air. To protect the family who live in the house that contains asbestos is:

  • Keep it out of reach Children.
  • Marked ‘Danger’ on the asbestos that is broken, so it would be avoided by the family, especially children.
  • Do not swap up or do the vacuum cleaner on the dust that is released by asbestos.
  • Do not saw or drill the building material that contains asbestos.
  • Do not brush the floor or the material building that contains of asbestos.
  • If you couldn’t avoid the floor that contains asbestos, clean it up with wet towel.

The dust of asbestos could be problem, when you are going to renovate the house. For better result, the house should be built by non asbestos material, to protect your family health and environment.



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How To Decreasing the Humidity

Do you feel hot, when you are in the house? It could be caused by the high of humidity. This condition was occurred because there is a great amount of the water on the air, so the room is hot and moist.

If you ignored the humid air, it could be causing some of problems. It is not only making the air room uncomfortable, the humid air also could be causing some of diseases, especially respiratory disease. Besides that, the humidity is able to scrape and break the furniture which is made of wood.

What does it cause? There are some reasons, which make the house feel humid. One of the reasons is the bad circulation. Another reason is the leak which is happened on pipe line, or on the roof that causes the water from the rain enters the house and spill on the wall. It increases the amount of the water on the wall, and causes the air on the room getting humid, also releases smell.

So, how to fix it? The first action that you have to do is measuring the humidity by hygrometer. The normal humidity in a room is about 60% - 70% RH.

How to Handle the Humidity

Find out and fix the source of the humidity, whenever it is caused by the leak of roof or pipe line.

A healthy house is a house which has good ventilation system, good in air circulation and sunshine. Ventilation could be the windows or vents. But if you are not able to make ventilation, you could apply exhaust fan. It blows air into the wind in a room, and then releases the air out of the room.

You also could apply the calcium that absorbs the water. It deals with its name, this calcium is absorbing the water in the air. It could be found in the supermarkets and replace it repeatedly, if the amount of the water is full.

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