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Green Listing

GRC board produced by PT. Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra (BPAS) is a pioneer company that produces non-Asbestos flat cement boards in Indonesia. GRC board is a material for ceiling, partition and lisplank that is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with health. PT. BPAS, which was established in 1992, has always dared to face changes, both technological changes and market demands to make products that are safe for health and environmentally friendly.

  • GRC boards are made to replace the use of wood materials for building materials. So that forest sustainability can be maintained.

  • GRC board is made using environmentally friendly technology with a close system process because the remaining GRC board material and the remaining water from the production process can be recycled for use in the production process.

The advantages of the GRC board include :

  • GRC board is made 100% non Asbestos / Chrisotile or silica sand, so it is not toxic and safe for health.

  • Strong & strong resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, termite resistance, mildew resistance & soundproof.

  • Dimensions of thickness are available from 4 mm, 20 mm with a width of 1220 x length 2440 mm or 3000mm.

  • The most precise width and length dimensions with tolerances + 0 / -2mm.

  • Easy to install: can be cut using a saw, cutter or ceramic cutting tool and not broken when installed using nails or screws.

  • Smooth and flat surface: so it doesn't need to be plastered, and is economical in the use of paint.

  • Can be finished with paint, wallpaper, marble or ceramic.

  • Can be applied indoors and outdoors.

  • GRC board products are supported in complete accessories & have an installation team that can guarantee "Definitely Not Crack"

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Ornamental plants are not only a decoration to beautify your home but also bring more value as an air purifier around it. And most species are very easy to grow and offer many benefits. They look fresh and beautiful, so they are pleasing to the eye and some can even be consumed. There are many ways to display and care for your plants, and the GRC board offers accessories as a trap for you.

GRC board as an asbestos-free cement board wants to share the beauty with you with GRC decorative products which are applied as platter plants / plants where you can put your ornamental plants on it. With the GRC bard decorative plant platter product, of course, it will add value to beauty in the corner of your house without losing its actual function.

GRC platter board can be ordered according to the exact size you requested and is available with a variety of motifs and can even be made with motifs at your request / order.

GRC plant platter board can be used for indoor and outdoor because it has become an advantage of the GRC board cement board is resistant to hot weather and moisture.

Hopefully this platter GRC board plant can be a solution for those of you who want to beautify their homes with their favorite ornamental plants.

More info 0811-9223-338

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Home Decoration

In general, a house is one of the buildings used as a place to live for a certain period of time. As a building, a house in the form of a room is limited by walls and roofs. One of the functions of the house as a place to enjoy a comfortable life. In addition to comfort, there are other things that are very important that add to the aesthetic value of a house. The shape of a house that looks beautiful. For this reason, we from GRC board tries to fulfill that need. We present Decorative Series which is a superior product of GRC board for home decoration both indoors and outdoors. A touch of GRC board decorative products will add to the beauty of your home. Besides being beautiful, GRC board’s decorative products also fulfill health requirements by getting 100% certification asbestos free, safe for consumers’ health As an application in the house, the Decorative Series GRC board can be used as a decoration for partitions, decoration ceilings, decoration walls, etc. The Decorative Series GRC board can also be applied outdoors, because it is based on the GRC cement board which has been proven to be strong and resistant to all weather.

Our Decorative Series :

  • GRC Decopanel Motif
  • GRC Decopanel Line
  • GRC Decopanel Brick
  • GRC Decoplank

Especialllly for GRC Decopanel Motif, consumers can choose directly from the available design or order with the desired design and style so it will become an exclusive design for your home.

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Wood Panel Decoration

Wood panel decoration is perfect for those of you who want to combine modern and classic impressions in the room. Wooden panels and wooden storage shelves give a classic impression and look very fit with a combination of other modern furniture in the home such as multimedia devices and modern contrasting sofas. Each type of wood has characteristics such as different textures and colors.

The decoration of wood panels has several disadvantages, which are not waterproof, termite resistant, and not fire resistant. For this reason, GRC board innovates by releasing products / variants for alternatives to wood panel decorations with all the advantages possessed by the GRC board. besides being able to be customized as desired, adding to the aesthetics of beauty and also has the advantages of being waterproof, fire resistant and termite resistant.

Among GRC board products that have wood-like texture and surface, namely:

  1. GRC Timberplank texture and surface already looks like wood, just finishing paint that matches the wood color only to get the impression like a wooden board. GRC Timberplank can be applied as a list plank as well as a wall coating. Click product details

  2. GRC Mahoni plank which also functions as a list plank but with a mahogany style gives the impression of a wooden board but with the strength of a cement board.

  3. GRC Superplank which is given brown wood paint and plitur coating so that it looks like a smooth and shiny wood surface, can be applied as a floor. Click product details

  4. GRC Mahogany deck with a smooth mahogany-like surface suitable to be applied as a floor.

  5. GRC Decopanel, a cement board that serves to add to the beauty of this building because it has a motif that can be customized as desired, it is very suitable to be applied for interior or exterior, in addition to weather resistance as well as termites and fungi. Click product details

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