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Tips to arrange minimalist house

The concept of small housing is now in demand by those who live in big cities due to the lack of land and also the increasing number of vertical residential options such as apartments. "But, the problem is, life is bigger than your house," said TRYST Living's Creative Director, Zacky Badrudin, during a SHARP Smart Concept Design talk show in Jakarta on Saturday afternoon.

Problems encountered in small homes are not only about storage space, but also rooms that look dark because small houses have minimal windows and also rooms look messy due to a lot of things.

To get around the small house, Zacky gives some useful tips.

  1. Bright colors

    Choose bright colors for wall paint, such as pastel colors, ivory white and light gray. Likewise with furniture, choose bright colors to help reflect light.

  2. Take advantage of outdoor space

    Small-scale tread houses usually have small areas for parks. Zacky suggests moving plants to the wall, if possible so that the remaining space can be turned into a patio.

    If you live in an apartment, make a balcony for the sitting area by adding chairs and a coffee table.

  3. Mirror tricks

    Don't hesitate to install mirrors in several locations to create a broad and reflective impression.

  4. Take advantage of the corner of the room

    Pay attention to the corners of the remaining rooms and use them to make corner shelves to store items, such as books.

  5. Dead area for storage

    In addition to angles, dead areas such as down stairs can also be used as shoe storage. Also install shelves on the toilet to store toiletries or cleaning bathroom equipment. If you still have the remaining space above the door, the homeowner can also turn it into an open storage area for items that are rarely used.

  6. Use multipurpose furniture

    Smart furniture, or multipurpose furniture, is designed to save space while providing added aesthetic value to the room. For example, select a sofa that can be shifted down the round table when it is not used or select a table that has a shelf below.

    Zacky suggests choosing acrylic furniture to manipulate the room so it doesn't look solid.

  7. Multifunctional electronic products

    The electronic household appliances used should also support the design of a small concept house.

    Quoted from the Tempo / p>

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4 Main Advantages of GRC Board Product

GRC Board is a cement board brand that has become the most important of today’s building. It can’t only be used for ceiling or partition. Several buildings even use this board as the floor cover. And, that’s not all. There are several other benefits you can get from using GRC Board for your building.

  1. Aesthetic

    The GRC Board’s cement board gives your building a beautiful appearance. You can create a wall or other part of your building looks like it was made of natural stone, wood, concrete brick or other materials. If you use it as a partition for dividing a big room, you can even make that room seems to have two different interior design themes in it.

  2. Multi-function

    As we mentioned earlier, you can use this unique board for many kinds of purposes. Other than the floor, you also can use it to replace the brick wall, pillar, using it as decoration, and many others. You just need a little bit of your creativity and you can use it for anything for your building.

  3. Durability

    One of the main advantages of this board is its durability. This board can stand against weather, moisture, rust, and erosion. Therefore, it is perfect for outdoor usage, for example, roof and cladding.

  4. Environmental Friendly

    GRC Board’s product also doesn’t have any asbestos in it, which is dangerous for your health. As we all know, if you have been exposed by asbestos for a long period of time, you have a risk to get lungs cancer.

Basically, the GRC Board’s cement board is the best choice. It’s much better than gypsum and plywood. You can use it for anything. The board from this brand also has better quality and durability than others. Moreover, it is termite-proof, fire-proof, and you won’t find any damage that’s caused by water, like what you can find on gypsum and plywood board.

If you are interested in this product, visit the GRC Board booth at Indobuildtech 2019 event on March 20th – 24th, at Hall 6 ICE BSD.

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GRC board is a cement board building material, made from a cement mixture that contains fiber so it produces a very strong cement board.

Besides being strong and durable, our cement board also has other advantages:

  1. - 100% non asbestos

  2. - Water resistance and humidity

  3. - Fire resistant

  4. - Termite resistant

  5. - Fungus resistant

  6. - Easy to nail

  7. - Soundproof

With the above advantage, our cement board is a superior alternative product to replace plywood and gypsum which has many disadvantages.

The installation of GRC cement board is very practical and efficient. Can be used as ceiling, partition, wall, floor and as a decoration to beautify indoor and outdoor occupancy.

GRC cement board is available in various sizes and thicknesses for your use and needs. Specifically for decoration product. In addition to our existing patterns, we also do custom made as consumer request.

The most important thing is the content of GRC cement board is made of 100% non asbestos ingredients and is safe for our health and environment.

Our latest breakthrough is that the GRC board has received a certificate of SNI 8299 as a non asbestos cement board. We are proud that GRC board is being recognized as product that prioritize and pay attention to consumers health.

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Building a House on a Friable Land

Building a House on a Friable Land

Building a house in a rice field can be done. Just know how to get it right. The strategy of constructing buildings in this type of loose soil is different from the others. So tips and procedures for building a house on a former wet land should also be well studied. Wet paddy or dry fields become an option due to the increasingly narrow land of housing, especially in urban areas.

The most appropriate location for building a house is a land area with a hard and dry nature, so that the foundations that have been built can be sturdy and not easily shifted. But sometimes you can location as unfavorable as a dwelling. Like loose soil and soft. Like the former land of rice fields or swamps.

This loose soil can cause the foundation of the house is not strong enough to withstand the burden, so it is easy to shift or even enter into making a hole. If indeed this happens, it will lead to some adverse effects, one of which is a wall that easily breaks. Even the floor of your house also come burst in. And worse yet, the building may be tilted or collapsed at any time.

In addition to loss, these events can also greatly endanger the safety of its inhabitants. But, you do not need to worry anymore about it, because this time we will share tips or procedures to build a house in a loose paddy field so avoid the possibility of bad.

Procedures for Building a House on Rice Fields


    Because each land has its own goals, then you have to make sure that these fields can be built. How to find info and or directly ask for permission of local government. From there will be caught, whether or not there you change the rice field so the land to build a house. See taking care of permits to convert wetlands to dry land here.


    To build a house in paddy fields, the way that can be taken is to measure the depth of loose soil. If it is not so deep, then the soil can be dredged or taken. If so, the soil can be recovered by using other soils that have harder properties.


    To do this you can work traditionally using a hoe tool. Or it could be in a modern way. The term urug is also often used. So how to put better rice field with sand or solid soil. It looks more expensive, but the result juah better than the soil or rock chalk soil. Grounding the ground with heavy equipment will be fast and the results are better. Although the price is more expensive.However for long-term investment should use heavy equipment. In addition to leveling the soil, the machine is also used to compress so that the ground surface will be sturdy and not easily shifted or landslides occur.


    What is this ? what needs to fry the soil? Not really, ripening the ground here means making the ground in such a way that he is ready to wake up. When it is finished leveling and condensing the soil, the house can not be built just like that. But it still has to wait for several months so the ground is really hard. Because generally though it has been flattened and also compacted by using the machine, but the ground still can move or melesak into.

One example of mature soil is the presence of plants that grow well, if the rain does not erode ground water. And if it is dry season the soil is not cracked or hollow. You can also test with piercing sharp and long objects. Such as crowbar, put to the ground wear hand. What is easy to enter, if it is easy, and still watering the possibility of solid ground yet.

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