Plank GRC board is resistant to moisture, termite and fire, in addition it consists of several variants, can be tailored to the needs or tastes. Such as :

  • GRC Decoplank : Decorative / Traditional Plank
  • Timberplank : Wood Pattern
  • Superplank : Plank with Profile
  • Simpleplank : Plank without Profile


To crease a nice and elegant look of a house, GRC Board could be used as ceiling. GRC board could give an elegant look but also ensures the strength and endurance needed when there is leakage on ceiling. Thus reducing the maintenance cost of the building. It is also could increase, the investment value on your building.

For ceiling, the recommended thickness is 4 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm.


For exterior wall application, it requires a material that is light, dry, practical, and weather resistant.

Super Panel 9 mm and 12 are suitable to be applied on exterior wall or cladding application. The panel could be easily finished with exterior paint with many colours.


Skirting/Plint is a field barrier between the floor and wall. Skirting/Plint is generally made on the wall, 10 cm to 15 cm above the floor. The function of Plint is to keep the walls remain clean from the friction of objects as well as to prevent dust and dirt gather at the edge between the walls and floors so easy to clean.

You can chose Superplank to provide a bevel on the top. For a more economical use Simpleplank (without bevel). And for those of you who like wood motif, you can use the Timberplank


To cover the column structure or metal framework external as well as internally, GRC Board with thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, and 10 mm can be used.


The advantages for applying SuperPanel oncubical toilet is:

  • Providing more space
  • The structure is lighter
  • More practical in application
  • Fast installation


Nowadays, the demand of strong, fast and economical partition is the most important thing in modern architecture.

GRC board could be finished with several variations on the finishing process, and this makes GRC Board a suitable choice for partitions on the houses, apartments, hotels, and malls, etc.

For partition application, it is recommended to use the board which has thickness 6, 8, and 10 mm.


GRC board is also suitable for the Roof underlay to replace plywood which is not resistance to water and humidity. For this application, we recommend to use GRC Board which has thickness 8 mm and 10 mm.


In the process of building, it is not always required to apply common building materials. In some cases, we need to apply the material which is more practical and efficient. For example on Cover Pipe and External Cover Column application.

For the best result, it should be applied similarly to the building.

It is recommended to apply SUPERPANEL for this application.


Superpanel could also be used as stairs, using the metal framework as the foundation. Then it could be covered with tile or wood as finishing.


Considering time efficiency and load of the building structure , Superpanel with thickness 15 mm could be applied as floor on the messazine or attic, as this is lighter in terms of weight in comparison to the usual brick and mortar


Nowadays, GRC Board is applied as the curtain wall on the high buildings, such as: offices and apartments. GRC Board which has thickness 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm could be applied as a Backing Spandrel. It is more economical and practical if its compared to Plywood application. mm, 10 mm could be applied as a Backing Spandrel. It is more economical and practical if its compared to Plywood application.