Posted on 8/2/2019 4:22:38 PM

Ornamental plants are not only a decoration to beautify your home but also bring more value as an air purifier around it. And most species are very easy to grow and offer many benefits. They look fresh and beautiful, so they are pleasing to the eye and some can even be consumed. There are many ways to display and care for your plants, and the GRC board offers accessories as a trap for you.

GRC board as an asbestos-free cement board wants to share the beauty with you with GRC decorative products which are applied as platter plants / plants where you can put your ornamental plants on it. With the GRC bard decorative plant platter product, of course, it will add value to beauty in the corner of your house without losing its actual function.

GRC platter board can be ordered according to the exact size you requested and is available with a variety of motifs and can even be made with motifs at your request / order.

GRC plant platter board can be used for indoor and outdoor because it has become an advantage of the GRC board cement board is resistant to hot weather and moisture.

Hopefully this platter GRC board plant can be a solution for those of you who want to beautify their homes with their favorite ornamental plants.

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