Green Listing

Posted on 8/2/2019 4:32:38 PM

GRC board produced by PT. Bangunperkasa Adhitamasentra (BPAS) is a pioneer company that produces non-Asbestos flat cement boards in Indonesia. GRC board is a material for ceiling, partition and lisplank that is environmentally friendly and does not interfere with health. PT. BPAS, which was established in 1992, has always dared to face changes, both technological changes and market demands to make products that are safe for health and environmentally friendly.

  • GRC boards are made to replace the use of wood materials for building materials. So that forest sustainability can be maintained.

  • GRC board is made using environmentally friendly technology with a close system process because the remaining GRC board material and the remaining water from the production process can be recycled for use in the production process.

The advantages of the GRC board include :

  • GRC board is made 100% non Asbestos / Chrisotile or silica sand, so it is not toxic and safe for health.

  • Strong & strong resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, termite resistance, mildew resistance & soundproof.

  • Dimensions of thickness are available from 4 mm, 20 mm with a width of 1220 x length 2440 mm or 3000mm.

  • The most precise width and length dimensions with tolerances + 0 / -2mm.

  • Easy to install: can be cut using a saw, cutter or ceramic cutting tool and not broken when installed using nails or screws.

  • Smooth and flat surface: so it doesn't need to be plastered, and is economical in the use of paint.

  • Can be finished with paint, wallpaper, marble or ceramic.

  • Can be applied indoors and outdoors.

  • GRC board products are supported in complete accessories & have an installation team that can guarantee "Definitely Not Crack"