Home Decoration

Posted on 5/31/2019 1:33:00 PM

In general, a house is one of the buildings used as a place to live for a certain period of time. As a building, a house in the form of a room is limited by walls and roofs. One of the functions of the house as a place to enjoy a comfortable life. In addition to comfort, there are other things that are very important that add to the aesthetic value of a house. The shape of a house that looks beautiful. For this reason, we from GRC board tries to fulfill that need. We present Decorative Series which is a superior product of GRC board for home decoration both indoors and outdoors. A touch of GRC board decorative products will add to the beauty of your home. Besides being beautiful, GRC board’s decorative products also fulfill health requirements by getting 100% certification asbestos free, safe for consumers’ health As an application in the house, the Decorative Series GRC board can be used as a decoration for partitions, decoration ceilings, decoration walls, etc. The Decorative Series GRC board can also be applied outdoors, because it is based on the GRC cement board which has been proven to be strong and resistant to all weather.

Our Decorative Series :

  • GRC Decopanel Motif
  • GRC Decopanel Line
  • GRC Decopanel Brick
  • GRC Decoplank

Especialllly for GRC Decopanel Motif, consumers can choose directly from the available design or order with the desired design and style so it will become an exclusive design for your home.