Posted on 7/7/2021 12:00:00 AM


The floor is one of the most important parts when we build a house. Most people use ceramic materials as the floor. But, some people today still prefer to use wood floors as the main material for their house floors. In addition, to add aesthetic value. Wooden floors also have several advantages such as make the room cooler, easy maintenance, and can add some value for a house. The better the materials used, the more the value of the house.

Although it has beauty and simple maintenance, wooden floors also still have some quite risky drawbacks. Although the maintenance does not take much time, wooden floors are prone to scratches if you are not careful. In addition, wooden floors also have a slight absorption capacity, so that if exposed to water continuously on the floor can become weathered over time. Plus, the cost to install wooden floors is quite expensive..

GRC board provides an optional fiber cement board that is much more durable and not easily scratched. GRC Mahony floor and GRC Mahony deck can select, as the optional application for the floor. The texture that resembles wood makes the floor look elegant and beautiful. In addition, maintenance is also easy and waterproof, can be used for a long time. GRC board from the No.1 fiber cement board producer in Indonesia.