Posted on 2/27/2020 4:39:15 PM


is the newest innovation from GRC board to provide the community with quality housing, while adding an aesthetic value to their living space.
GRC board Modular House comes in 2 types :

  • Double Wall
  • Single Wall

GRC Modular House - Double Wall Is a prefabricated house that uses GRC board 10 mm thick cement board that are bound by steel frames at the top and bottom that give the walls tremendous support. The density of GRC board strengthens the building, yet still lightweight & versatile that allows for easy transport and distribution. GRC board Modular House is expected to become an earthquake-friendly building.
GRC Modular House – Single Wall GRC board Modular Houses are prefabricated houses whose walls use a cement board GRC board with a thickness of 20 mm, supported with a frame at the bottom and top so that they are fused and bound together. Besides being faster in terms of installation, it is also stronger because the higher density GRC boards make the building stronger. With construction like this, it is expected to become earthquake-friendly buildings so that it is safe for the occupants.


  • Fast construction
    Two time more faster than build conventional house
  • Easy installation
    Built with strong and versatile materials, allowing anyone to be able to do the construction.
  • Low cost
    Efficient and no waste of materials as the size and quantity of materials provided are precise, resulting in high grade and inexpensive homes.
  • Strong structural building
    Built with top-of-the-line prefabrication technology and top quality materials to ensure a permanent and robust home.
  • Beautiful appearance
    Abundant choices of facades to choose from as GRC Deco panels are used to give the house an elegant and refined look.

Product Modular House includes the specification below :

Wall :

  • GRC board 10 mm for Double Wall with frame or GRC board 20 mm for Single Wall without frame

Roof :
  • light steel with metal sand roof

Ceiling :
  • GRC board 5 mm

Listplank :
  • GRC simpleplank

Floor :
  • Plaster

Door :
  • Aluminum frame, double multiplex 4 mm

Window :
  • Aluminum frame, wooden frame with 5 mm clear glass

Bathroom :
  • 20 x 20 ceramic floor, 20 X 25 ceramic wall, sitting closet

Electrical installation :
  • 6 light points and 4 sockets

Note :
  • Specifications can be customised based on budget / with additional cost.

Excluding :
  • Land, Foundation, septic tank, light bulb and electrical connection installation and supervising expert.

Optional :
  • Upgrade spesifikasi dan supervisi tenaga ahli