Tips to arrange minimalist house

Posted on 5/16/2019 9:02:00 PM

The concept of small housing is now in demand by those who live in big cities due to the lack of land and also the increasing number of vertical residential options such as apartments. "But, the problem is, life is bigger than your house," said TRYST Living's Creative Director, Zacky Badrudin, during a SHARP Smart Concept Design talk show in Jakarta on Saturday afternoon.

Problems encountered in small homes are not only about storage space, but also rooms that look dark because small houses have minimal windows and also rooms look messy due to a lot of things.

To get around the small house, Zacky gives some useful tips.

  1. Bright colors

    Choose bright colors for wall paint, such as pastel colors, ivory white and light gray. Likewise with furniture, choose bright colors to help reflect light.

  2. Take advantage of outdoor space

    Small-scale tread houses usually have small areas for parks. Zacky suggests moving plants to the wall, if possible so that the remaining space can be turned into a patio.

    If you live in an apartment, make a balcony for the sitting area by adding chairs and a coffee table.

  3. Mirror tricks

    Don't hesitate to install mirrors in several locations to create a broad and reflective impression.

  4. Take advantage of the corner of the room

    Pay attention to the corners of the remaining rooms and use them to make corner shelves to store items, such as books.

  5. Dead area for storage

    In addition to angles, dead areas such as down stairs can also be used as shoe storage. Also install shelves on the toilet to store toiletries or cleaning bathroom equipment. If you still have the remaining space above the door, the homeowner can also turn it into an open storage area for items that are rarely used.

  6. Use multipurpose furniture

    Smart furniture, or multipurpose furniture, is designed to save space while providing added aesthetic value to the room. For example, select a sofa that can be shifted down the round table when it is not used or select a table that has a shelf below.

    Zacky suggests choosing acrylic furniture to manipulate the room so it doesn't look solid.

  7. Multifunctional electronic products

    The electronic household appliances used should also support the design of a small concept house.

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